Sea And Lake Audio LLC

Sea And Lake Audio LLC offers different Audio Post services:

Mixing: filtering and leveling the different audio elements in your project so it makes the right impact on your audience.

Sound Design: sculpting real and special sounds to enhance the message of your story and add the right weight to your images.

Dialogue editing: John Purcell said it best in his book Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: “The job of the dialogue editor is to make every single word as clear as possible. He or she has to remove any and all distractions, noises, or mumbles to make the words as clear as a bell.”¬†This is an art that adds clarity to the spoken word when done by someone with an experienced ear for professional¬†dialogue aesthetics.

Audio Restoration: Loud noise, clicks, hum, interference, distracting noises in the background, old crackling recordings? Let me fix that for you.